A Tragic Loss for the Design World

 One of the worst moments in the world of design was in 2011 when a community great as this lost a true gem, a member that had a huge impact on the future of the web design Sylvia Harris. If the name Sylvia Harris doesn’t ring a bell to you, then most likely, you are not into web design things because everyone involved into web design must know who was she. That is because she was one of the best designers in the whole world, a lot of people have looked up to her and followed her work. if you don’t know anything about her, here is a quick look into her life.

The Start

Just like anyone else, she had to start somewhere and from nothing, nobody got famous without putting in effort into what they love. For Sylvia Harris, the start was 1980 when she graduated from Yale. Right after graduation, she started to create her own name, of course, she has some help from two associates. She had some ground-breaking work was done that was the first step to success and fame when she was working with some banking systems for the Citibank. In 1994, she decided that she can do things without any help and she wanted to go solo, therefore she changed her focus to designing planning and strategy. In the process of this huge change, she helped out some big universities, hospitals, and agencies with her planning system.She was a woman that was full of energy, ideas, passion and more importantly intelligence. She really loved doing what she was good at and that was designed. Extremely talented at everything that was related to design from drawing to coming up with new unique ideas.

Making Difference


She was a woman that always wanted to make a difference, she wanted always to stand out and not be like everybody else. Do achieve that, she needed to impress people and she achieved that by being a citizen designer. Of course, we could talk a lot more about how great she was, but one thing is for sure, she will be remembered as a great woman