College of Visual Arts Class Of 2017

Each year, a new and fresh generation of college students from visual art class are stepping up to become someone who will be remembered. In order to achieve such thing, they have to do something that was never done before, something that will change and have a huge impact on the future of web design. Art is something that has no limits, and there is always more room available for improvement, therefore we never know when or who might have a great impact in this community. We surely hope so that the visual art class of 2017 will have some gems who will bring something new to the table.

Changing the Future

The future is always in the hands of the new generations of people that are coming, we cannot forget about them. Usually, they are the ones that have the most innovative ideas that can change everything. Some of these young people will become famous designers that are for sure, but we can only hope that they have some good ideas on how to make things better or easier. New ideas rarely come from old people, they are usually created in heads of young people that want to try out new things. Even if an older designer has an idea, there are small chances that he will even try to make that idea come to life that is because over time people tend to lose their passion for the work. Only a few people that really love what they are doing have a passion for design later on in their lives.

As an older generation of designers, we know that we can count on the new generation to change the future because if everything stays the same, people will get bored. In order to keep something interesting, it needs to be changing constantly and improving by each day. Nobody knows what might come from this new generation of college students. One thing is for sure and that is some of them who are extremely passionate about design will achieve something great in life and in the end, that is what matters the most.