Important features to look for in web host

Are you trying to upload the website of your small business on the internet but, you are quite confused with the technical terms of web hosting providers? Putting your website online, like many things, can be very challenging.

With so many web hosting companies offering a reliable hardware, unlimited resources, and affordability it is quite a tough competition. Don’t worry, this article contains the list of main features to consider when deciding on a web hosting company, you can also take a shortcut and choose one from a top 10 web hosting comparison like the one on M2media. Here are the important features to look for in a web host.


People starting anew often look for an inexpensive option. However, that kind of service often brings a lot of limitations. While it is tempting to pay less for what you want, it is not always the deciding factor. Cheapest web hosting service offers shared servers that are good only until the site’s visibility is improved and it starts generating traffic and revenues. Web hosting services can cost anywhere from $2 to hundreds of dollars, in case you are opting for a dedicated server.


The best choice you can make is to choose the service that offers an unlimited bandwidth. In case your site serves as an e-commerce store, affiliate marketing blog, or any blog, in particular, it is a commonplace that it will use a lot of data. When your site runs out of bandwidth the service providers will either charge you an additional fee or shut your site down.

This is the major flaw with more affordable options. The service doesn’t offer a lot of RAM or sufficiently powered processor. Discuss the details with the web hosting company you laid your eye on in order to find out what do they offer for their price. Will they charge more domains or additional support? Make sure you have this cleared out.

Technical Support

Accidents happen, and once in a while, you will have to deal with your site going down or something else that interfered with its’ performance. It is of fundamental importance that your web hosting provider offers decent technical supports in order for you to overcome these unsettling problems.

A decent web hosting company has technical support staff, which is included in the overall price of the web hosting service. They should determine what is wrong with the site and eventually fix your problem. However, some lower companies will only give you the necessary information for you to recover the site online.

The help is often available through a phone call, live chat, or email service. Still, make sure with your hosting provider about the options they give. Better safe than sorry when your site goes down.

Features and Hardware

Good web hosting companies offer more than just a server. The better companies will often provide free domain privacy, energy-saving practices, and also, multiple data centers. If you see that your company includes add-ons to your initial package, make sure to learn more about them and how they can benefit you and your site.

The server is a computer and the server’s performance and stability depend on this server. If your company isn’t willing to provide the configuration of the server, then it’s time to move towards more reliable companies.

Customer Satisfaction

Web hosting companies, obviously, host their own website where they highlight the peaks of their services. Good companies are proud of the service they provide and they let their users review them. Also, make sure to google about the personalized, analytical reviews on different blogs, forums and social media such as Facebook, Twitter, and more.


Before choosing the web hosting company it is essential to inform yourself about the features they offer. If you don’t, you might end up unsatisfied and ripped-off. What web hosting are you using and why? Let us know.